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Digital Inspections in San Luis Obispo, CA

The Most Advanced Communication in Auto Repair


When you bring your vehicle to an automotive shop for maintenance, you put your faith in experts to keep your vehicle operating at its best. At times, the information the service advisors provide can be difficult to understand; you might not grasp the importance of the repairs they are recommending. If you decide to postpone the work, only to experience bigger issues at a later time, you end up even more frustrated.

The most technologically advanced solution for your complex auto repair decisions can be found at Certified Auto Repair, known as SmartFlow. While our well-trained staff know what to say, some situations are easier seen than explained. In other words, the age-old saying proves true: “A picture is worth 1000 words.”

Certified Auto Repair has integrated SmartFlow into our shop to simplify the auto repair process, and to provide you with increased visibility and confidence from start to finish. Our entire Certified Auto Repair staff will clearly and completely share all the vital information you need to know about your vehicle.


How Does SmartFlow Benefit You?

The name literally defines itself: “Smartly maximizing the workflow.” SmartFlow is an all-in-one communications solution for auto repair businesses and customers alike. After all, your time is valuable, and you’d likely rather spend it elsewhere than in an auto repair shop trying to decide how to spend your money.
At Certified Auto Repair perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, documenting its condition and any issues– with photos and video. We then share this documentation with you promptly and securely, allowing you to see for yourself exactly what procedures your vehicle requires. All of this remains paperless from start to finish!

If you’ve ever struggled to understand what your service advisor was explaining to you, you’re not alone. Vehicles are complicated. With SmartFlow, it’s easy to see all the parts of your vehicle we’re addressing. At Certified Auto Repair, all photos and videos using SmartFlow are meant for your benefit. They educate you on your vehicle’s operation, demonstrate how a damaged or worn-out part affects your safety, and help spell out the corrective steps ahead.

Thanks to SmartFlow, when you see with your own eyes what ails your vehicle, rather than just taking a service advisor’s word for it, you can confidently give your approval to perform any and all needed repairs. A Certified Auto Repair service advisor will work with you to ensure all procedures are completed efficiently, while helping to prioritize different items of concern.

Altogether, you’ll always get the most thorough inspection and accurate diagnosis of your vehicle, ultimately keeping you safe on California’s busy roadways. After all, you– the customer– come first. SmartFlow allows us to serve you most effectively throughout the entire cycle of our working relationship.

Putting our customers first; building strong, lasting relationships through complete communication: This is SmartFlow. This is Certified Auto Repair.


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